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Fundraising Walk for Local Palestine Action Activists




Past Events

South London Cyclists for Palestine

Remember Sabra and Shatila

Stop the Arms Fair

Barrier to Bridge Fundraising Walk

Refugees Welcome Beach Party

Don’t Bomb Syria

Refugees Welcome Event Catford Town Hall

Film Showing: Drone

These Dangerous Women

Lewisham Stands With Gaza

Iraq and Syria: Stop the Cycle of War

Walk the Green Chain for Gaza

How Can We Get Peace in Palestine?

Preventing War in Ukraine

Eyewitness Syria

Missiles on Blackheath Protest Walk June 2012

Hands off Syria and Somalia Public Meeting 19 March 2012

Hands off Libya Public Meeting 5 April 2011

March for the Alternative 26 March 2011

Beach Party, Greenwich 6 January 2011

Banners for November 2010 Demo

Lewisham Peace Justice Solidarity Event for Gaza, 18 September 2010

Budget Day Protest in Lewisham

Peace, Justice, Solidarity Gig at the Albany

Vigil for 100th British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan in 2009

National Demonstration 24 October 2009

Afghanistan: The Unwinnable War 8 September 2009

Vigil and Naming the Dead 22 August 2009

Peace, Justice, Solidarity at Lewisham People's Day

Public Meeting on Viva Palestina Convoy

Songs for Gaza, Town Hall 18 February

Lewisham Centre Saturday 31 January

Lewisham Lloyds TSB Protest Saturday 31 January

Gaza Local Vigils 14 and 15 January 2009

Naming the Dead

President Bush Visits Lewisham


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South London Cyclists for Palestine

Fundraiser for Medical Aid for Palestinians, with Attila the Stockbroker


Attila Flyer No Words.tif


Wednesday 25 July

7.30 pm

New Cross Learning

283 – 285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS

Entry free, Donations sought

Please reserve a place at Eventbrite


Attila the Stockbroker will be cycling all the way to New Cross from Southwick on the south coast.


Attila's JustGiving page




At Easter 2018, 28 cyclists from the UK set out on a fundraising cycle ride through the West Bank, raising money for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). Eight of them were from south London.

When the trip was planned, they had no idea that the brutal repression of the Great March of Return in Gaza would be beginning just as they set off.


They were raising money for MAP, whose limb reconstruction unit in Gaza is now working tirelessly to deal with the bone-shattering effects of sniper fire on unarmed protesters.



Limbs that would have been amputated in 2014 can now be saved, thanks to the facilities and training funded by MAP, but only if the fixators shown here can be purchased.

Listen to the story of the trip, see videos and latest reports from Gaza and enjoy a set from the brilliant Poet Attila the Stockbroker*


Sendoff at Lewisham Station


*Trump, Brexit and a diagnosis of bladder cancer.  Attila deals with them all head on: UNDAUNTED                      www.attilathestockbroker.com


Remember Sabra and Shatila

35th Anniversary of the Massacre

Join us to meet eyewitness Dr Swee Ang, who will take our messages of support to the commemoration in Beirut


Live Music and Poetry


·      Ukadelix   Deptford-based ukulele band

·      Jim Radford   internationally famous folk singer

·      Steven Lunnon    singer-songwriter


Friday 15 September 2017, 1930 hours

New Cross Learning, 283 – 285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS


Funds raised will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians to help Palestinian refugees from Syria in Lebanon.



Dr Swee Ang

Volunteer doctor and eyewitness

Co Founder of Medical Aid for Palestinians, who will take our songs and messages to the 35th anniversary commemoration in Beirut.






In the summer of 1982, “PLO fighters” (ie Palestinian men of fighting age) were evacuated from Beirut under the supervision of the Multinational Force, and the women, children and elderly people left behind began to rebuild their lives during the respite from Israeli shelling and air raids.


On 15 September 1982, Israeli Defence Force (IDF) besieged the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, using tanks and setting up checkpoints.


They also set up panoramic observation posts.


Starting on 16 September 1982, the Israelis allowed what were alleged to have been Lebanese Christian militias (collectively referred to as “phalangists”), but likely to have included foreign mercenaries, to enter the besieged camps and massacre at least 3000 now defenceless people, continuing through the nights assisted by the light of flares provided by the Israelis.


Pregnant women, babies and toddlers were ripped apart and thrown in rubbish piles.  Women were raped, boys were castrated and many others were mutilated before being killed.  Others were lined up against walls with their hands and feet tied and machine-gunned.


The area was under the control of and in the full view of the Israelis.




Foreign doctors and nurses volunteering in the hospitals were subjected to mock executions and marched through streets between piles of dead bodies. Among them was the surgeon Swee Ang.


Dr Ang will be attending the commemoration in Beirut on the 35th anniversary of the massacre, but beforehand she will be speaking at our solidarity event at New Cross Learning.




We plan to send messages of solidarity which she will take with her to Beirut, which will include songs, photographs and video messages.  We are calling on local singers and musicians musicians to contribute songs old and new.




On 22 September, Dr Ang found herself surrounded by, orphaned children, who wanted her to take their picture, making victory signs in front of their destroyed homes.


Beirut-Jerusalem Slide 091.jpg


It is not possible to know what subsequently happened to those children, but Dr Ang went on to be one of the founders of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) which continues to work for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.  The Palestinian people will not give up their struggle.


Stop the Arms Fair

Time for an End to the UK Arms Trade


Wednesday 16 August 2017, 1930 hours

New Cross Learning, 283 – 285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS





Ben Griffin

Veterans for Peace

Former SAS soldier and Iraq war veteran

Billy Hayes

Former General Secretary of CWU

National Stop the War officer


DSEI (Defence & Security Equipment International) is the world’s largest arms fair. It allows arms buyers and sellers to network and make deals. It happens once every two years, in the second week in September, at ExCeL – the huge exhibition centre in London Docklands.  Come along to our public organising meeting to plan for how we can make this year the last.


Read more at https://www.stopthearmsfair.org.uk/about/dsei/




Beach Party 2016_Page_1.jpg




Our fundraising activities on 16 October raised over £500 for L’Auberge des Migrants between heavy showers, and you can still donate to our crowdfunding page, which has raised over £400.


See some photos here.  Also, SISI TV made a video.


Continue to support l’Auberge des Migrants


Their work continues.  Read their statement to be read at the beach in Greenwich.


Mobile Phones are desperately needed as a lifeline for children and others if the camp is demolished.  You can also donate to Phone Credit for Refugees.


Write to your MP or Councillors


You can write to any of your local or national representatives by entering your home postcode at Write to Them.  Here are some suggestions for points that you might raise.




Unaccompanied Children in Calais

We welcome Lewisham Council’s decision to take up to ten refugee families from Syria ...  BUT what about those children in Calais? Ten percent of the population of the "Jungle" are thought to be unaccompanied children. In May this year, the Government agreed to take unaccompanied children from Calais but nothing can happen until local Councils commit to take action, process safe passage to the UK and organise fosters carers for these child refugees.

This is Urgent

Hundreds of children are living in the woods, exposed to all kinds of dangers from traffickers, from cold and hunger and from the risks of trying to get on to trains and lorries (a fourteen year old recently died).

The dangers will only get worse when the camps are dispersed.




cutty rainbow.JPG


Partrick Lee.JPG





Stop Trident national demonstration 2016


Full details at http://stopwar.org.uk/index.php/events/stop-the-war-events-national/2713-20-feb-2016-london-stop-trident-national-demonstration






Below: members of Lewisham Stop the War plugging the demonstration in Lewisham on Saturday 5 December.  We thought the banner poles were going to break in the wind, but they didn’t.  Generally good reception.




Refugees Welcome Flyer, FINAL_Page_1.jpg


This event was a great success, raising over £1000 already for L’Auberge des Migrants.  We heard some shocking stories and surprising statistics, but the evening ended on a high note, with people dancing in the Council Chamber.


Donations can still be made at Eventbrite


Refugees welcome 1.jpeg

Francois Guennoc of L’Auberge de Migrants meets Mayor of Lewisham, Steve Bullock


Refugees welcome 2.jpeg

Traditional Ghanaian music got people dancing


Refugees welcome 3.jpeg

The Council Chamber was full





Tuesday 3 November, 1830 food and refreshments (for a donation), 1930 main event

Lewisham Town Hall (Civic Suite), Catford Road SE6 4RU


Online bookings        Click here for Eventbrite page


To avoid booking fee or for concessions, contact michael@lewishamstopwar.org.uk


A fundraiser to provide building materials for Auberge des Migrants


Introduced by Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham


Followed by:

           François Guennoc, Secretary of L’Auberge des Migrants, a charity working to support migrants in calais.

           Kofi Mawuli Klu, Co-Vice-Chair of the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe (PARCOE)

           Live music from refugee musicians

           Quiz: How much do you know about the refugee situation? (set by Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network)



Organised by Lewisham Stop the War, Lewisham and Greenwich CND, Lewisham United Nations Association, Lewisham Anti-Racist Action Group



Film Showing: Drone

The truth behind the secret CIA drone war


Thursday 24 September, 1930 hours

New Cross Learning, 283 – 285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS





Walk the Green Chain for Gaza

11 October 2015




A sponsored walk to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians from Oxleas Woods to Crystal Palace.


We are lucky to live in a city nearly four times the size of Gaza, which we can leave whenever we like, but in which there are large areas of green space.  Much of Gaza has been reduced to rubble and is still under blockade.


This walk is a great way of appreciating what we've got in London while spreading the message about Gaza.  It doesn't matter how much or how little money you raise: just enjoy the day out and spread the word.


Please let us know if you plan to take part.  You can do it in your own time.


We really want people to take part.  A guide to getting to the start and how to set up your JustGiving page can be found here WalktheGreenChain.pdf.  If you are familiar with JustGiving, just click on this link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising-page/creation/choose-url?pcid=09c82dc6-dc65-4aaa-88cf-fe94fdb16ff3&parentActivityTypeId=Sporting.


If you can’t take part, but want to support financially, please donate via the JustGiving page at http://www.justgiving.com/Lewisham-Stop-the-War3


Here are some pictures from last year.







Letters to MPs and Councillors and Replies


We have written to all locally-elected representatives about Afghanistan and encourage others to do the same, just as many of us wrote to our MPs about Gaza earlier in 2009. We have a catalogue of them at the new MP and Councillor Letters page.





"These Dangerous Women"

Winston Churchill

Celebrate the centenary of the International Congress of Women

Thursay 14 May 2015 7.30 - 9.30 pm

New Cross Learning (former New Cross Library)

283 – 285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS

An evening of film, prose, poetry, music and discussion, introduced by

Natalie Bennett

Leader of the Green Party



In 1915, women from Germany and the UK met at The Hague to call for a negotiated end to the First World War.  Come along and find out more.

Light refreshments available




Fundraising evening for Medical Aid for Palestinians


This event took place on 4 December 2014, but you can still donate towards it; all proceeds to Medical Aid for Palestinians.


Donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/Lewisham-Stop-the-War2/.


We are still adding images and videos, which will be available via the Lewisham Stands With Gaza link on the left.


Iraq and Syria

Stop the Cycle of War

Public meeting

Wednesday 15 October 2014 7.30 pm

New Cross Learning (former New Cross Library)

283 – 285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS



Sami Ramadani

Middle East activist and journalist

Jim Brann

CND Council member,

London Region


Download poster

Download flyer


Walk the Green Chain for Gaza

5 October 2014

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/758371627553278


If you want to support, please donate via the JustGiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/Lewisham-Stop-the-War/








A sponsored walk to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians from Oxleas Woods to Crystal Palace.


We are lucky to live in a city nearly four times the size of Gaza, which we can leave whenever we like, but in which there are large areas of green space.  Much of Gaza has been reduced to rubble and is still under blockade.


This walk is a great way of appreciating what we've got in London while spreading the message about Gaza.  It doesn't matter how much or how little money you raise: just enjoy the day out and spread the word.


Please let us know if you plan to take part.  You can do it in your own time.  More details and guidance here WalktheGreenChain.pdf.


Public Meeting

Tuesday 26 August 2014


To view videos of this meeting, click on the link for Palestine Meeting Videos on the left.






Preventing War in Ukraine

No to NATO Expansion

Public meeting

Wednesday 9 April 2014 7.30 pm

New Cross Learning (former New Cross Library)

283 – 285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS



Lindsey German

Convenor, Stop the War Coalition

Jim Brann

CND Council member, London Region


Called by Lewisham Stop the War, Lewisham and Greenwich CND, Lewisham United Nations Association


stop the war logo                  http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRUdPp6hwJJA2uIC7ZJsinv0ClUJZl2CJP-TBXr8laZsngi2sFNBz5H7e6BTA                  UNA-UK logo


The USA and EU have sought to incorporate Ukraine into the military and economic structures of the West. The USA has spent $5 billion on building anti-Russian organisations in Ukraine. This support led to the recent "revolution" in Ukraine, involving Fascist groups, in which the elected Russian-speaking president was deposed.

Russia is a nuclear power which opposed military intervention in Syria; it is threatened by the continual growth of the Western military power around its borders, despite the disbanding of the Warsaw Pact, and has responded to protect its naval base in Crimea. Russia also seeks to defend the interests of the Russian-speaking community.

We call for the UK Government to seek a peaceful settlement in which

·          The different communities in Ukraine live side by side in peace

·          Ukraine is not militarised in a way that threatens the security of Russia



Who is Really Threatening to Take Over?

This map shows the ongoing expansion of NATO.

The Warsaw Pact was disbanded in 1989, since which NATO has expanded into the countries shown in green and yellow.



Eyewitness Syria


Public Meeting Wednesday 31 July 2013 7.30 pm

New Cross Learning (former New Cross Library)

283 - 285 New Cross Road SE14 6AS


Come and listen to an illustrated eyewitness account from the front line of Idlib by journalist Ewa Jasiewicz, plus Samir Dathi, Stop the War National Officer.



photo by Masoud Bashoura

“Syria is not Libya, it will

not implode, it will explode

beyond its borders.”

– Kofi Annan


Missiles on Blackheath

An Olympic Event We Weren't Told About




Deadly ground to air missiles are soon to be stationed at

Oxleas Woods and Blackheath

It’s claimed they will keep us safe from terrorist air attacks during the Games

This is nonsense

They would be a magnet for terrorists, and with a range of only 3-4 miles

anything they hit could fall anywhere in Greenwich, Lewisham or Bexley


More Olympic Missile Information at www.stoptheolympicmissiles.org


Join the Protest Walk

on Saturday 9 June

Follow on Facebook             Download Flyer

Lewisham Stop the War and Lewisham and Greenwich CND

2.00 pm          Depart from Café at Oxleas Woods

                         overlooking the proposed missile site

2.40 pm          Junction of Academy Road and Ha Ha Road (speaker)

                         walk past car park tarmac on Woolwich Common

3.20 pm          Charlton House – Peace Garden (speaker)

3.45 pm          Blackheath – War Memorial (speaker)

                         walk along Charlton Way, past the illegally enclosed

                         Circus Field, crossing Shooters Hill opposite the

                         illegally demolished park gates

4.20 pm          Whitfield Mount on Blackheath

                         proposed missile site

Buses 89, 486 and 53 all run close to the route so you can join the march at any point



Hands off

Syria and Somalia

Thursday 29 March 2012

7.30–9.30pm at Come the Revolution café

465–467 New Cross Road SE14 6TA




Download Flyer

Facebook page (please share)

Twitter page



Sami Ramadani

Middle East Analyst

Muna Hassan

Hands Off Somalia




No more wars in the Middle East –

stop the madness now


The USA and Europe have lurched from war to war in the Middle East. Afghanistan, Iraq, and then Libya, and now there are threats of new wars in Somalia and Syria.


In each case, the intervention of the West has been a disaster for the people that live there. Afghans are daily being terrorised under military occupation, tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed and tens of thousands more have been driven into exile, and Libya is now in the midst of a civil war with 30 000 dead.


The intervention of the West in Somalia and Syria will be just the same – it will make a difficult situation for the people that live there even worse. All these conflicts are ultimately about oil, and the oil is not worth the blood.


It is time for the people of all the countries of the Middle East and Africa to determine their own future and assert democratic rights.


Stop the War and CND say leave Somalia and Syria alone.



Hands off

Libya and the

Middle East

Tuesday 5 April 2011

7.30–9.30pm at Social Centre Plus

(the occupied former Job Centre)

120–122 Deptford High Street, SE8 4NP*


Join the debate questioning the US and UK’s military

intervention in Libya and the Middle East Revolution



Chris Nineham

Stop the War National Officer

Carol Turner

CND National Council

Sami Ramadani

Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation


*50 yards from Deptford Station


How can we afford it?

The cost of one missile could keep a library or children’s centre open for several years.


Why is the West continuing to interfere in the Middle East?

For a century the West has appointed governments in the Middle East as it has seen fit. Often the West has

supported dictatorial and oppressive governments for two reasons: 1) they have given the West free access

to the oil, and 2) they have been reliable allies in whatever wars the West chose to fight.


Where will our intervention end?

The No Fly Zone in Iraq lasted twelve years, followed by a full invasion. What will be our role if there is a

partition of Libya?


The people reclaim their destiny

Recently there have been political movements in the Middle East which show that the peoples of the Middle

East are determined to reclaim their political destiny. This is a good thing for the whole world, and the West

should not interfere. The West should not be appointing governments in Libya or anywhere else.


Is depleted uranium being used?

British and US forces have deployed such ‘dirty bombs’ in Iraq and the Balkans and are probably deploying

them as ‘bunker busters’ in Libya. How will it help save lives if Libya is left radioactive for billions of years?


March for the Alternative to Cuts 26 March 2011


Lewisham Stop the War took part in this enormous demonstration.  The obscene costs of even more obscene wars, for which there is never-ending funding, make the destruction of the welfare state even more despicable.


Banner bit close.JPG




Horse 2.JPG


Beach Party Greenwich, 6 January 2011


It was a great evening and definitely something that we should do again.











Preparing for 20 November Demo

Greenwich and New Cross 18 November 2010


Here are some pictures of the successful activity at Greenwich University (in front of rush hour traffic, and with a good response from students and staff) and where we left the banners in New Cross.






Budget Day Protest Against Cuts

Tuesday 22 June 2010


Lewisham Stop the War took part in a protest against the vicious cuts in jobs, services and pensions that are being made against a background of billions being spent on wars and occupations.  Photos by Owen Liddle.


group 3.jpg


At the Albany Theatre, Deptford, the Lewisham Young Mayor, with Lewisham Peace, Justice and Solidarity, presents

Sunday 7 March 2010


Download the leaflet




from 1900


Falling Embers



Tony Lording

singer songwriter




R & B/Gospel

Paul Moody

singer songwriter


Jim Radford

singer songwriter






singer songwriter


Strawberry Thieves

socialist choir



Food and Bar


from 6.30 pm Caribbean food, including vegetarian dishes, from the Albany café


Discussion and Films


from 4 pm


Seventy years of struggle against racism in fascism in London

The next steps with local anti-racist campaigner

Greener Cities and Saving the Planet


by green activist Jim Jepps

Pictures of Afghanistan and Eyewitness Account

by photo-journalist Guy Smallman

Everyday Life in Palestine and the Relief Convoy to Gaza

Pauline Collins and Leah Levane talk about their experiences


There will also be stalls from the campaigning groups participating in Peace, Justice, Solidarity.


The Albany is in Douglas Way, off Deptford High Street, walking distance from Deptford and New Cross railway stations, Deptford Bridge DLR and buses 47, 53, 177, 188, 199, 225 and 453.


See www.thealbany.org.uk/infopoint/12/Your-Visit for map and more details.


Vigil for 100th British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan in 2009

1700 - 7.30 pm Wednesday 9 December 2009








National Demonstration 24 October 2009


Pictures by Owen Liddle


Joe and Clare Glenton at the front of the march (see local Afghanistan meeting)




The Lewisham banner on the road





Lewisham Stop the War and CND banners in Trafalgar Square



Afghanistan: The Unwinnable War

Tuesday 8 September 2009, 1930, Lewisham Methodist Church Hall, Albion Way.


Speakers were


Lindsey German

National Convenor, Stop the War Coalition


Clare Glenton

Wife of Joe Glenton, facing court martial for refusing to return to Afhanistan



Lindsey German (left) Stewart Halforty and Clare Glenton


For more information, see the link to the Stop the War site at http://stopwar.org.uk/content/view/1400/1/


Also, a South London Press report at http://www.southlondonpress.co.uk/tn/news.cfm?id=36069&searchword=afghanistan


Vigil and Naming the Dead 22 August 2009


Following the announcement of 200th British soldier being killed in Afghanistan, on the following Saturday we held a vigil near Lewisham Clocktower.  Names of British soldiers and Afghan civilians were read out.



Owen Liddle


Owen Liddle


Bruce Levy


Bruce Levy


Bruce Levy


Owen Liddle


Owen Liddle


Owen Liddle


Report taken from the New Worker Newspaper.


"Stop the War campaigners gathered around Lewisham Clock Tower in South London last Saturday to mark the death toll of British troops serving in the futile and illegal war in Afghanistan passing 200.


Those present - individuals and representatives of a wide spectrum of progressive organisations - took turns to read out the names of the 206 dead British troops and a similar number of dead Afghan civilians.


The casualty rate among Afghan civilians is far higher than among the invading troops but it seems that no one is keeping records and the numbers and names of the dead are hard to find. Most British reporters in the country are embedded with British troops and rarely get to interview the victims of British and American bombing raids..


A lot of information has been supplied by a London reporter, Guy Smallman, who has travelled to Afghanistan to make his own independent investigation. Even so, information about many of the dead is patchy; some are known only as "Amin's mother" or "Khan's baby son".


The ceremony attracted a number of passers by and shoppers who stopped to listen to the list of names being read."


Peace, Justice, Solidarity at Lewisham People's Day 2009


Lewisham Stop the War was one of many organisations involved in a special marquee at People's Day with theatre, music, videos and discussion.  We hope to do the same in future years.


For more details of the programme and the organisations involved and pictures from the day, see www.lewishampeacejusticesolidarity.org.uk.


Public Meeting 26 March 2009

7.30 pm St Andrews Centre, Brockley SE4 2SA, corner of Brockley Road and Wickham Road


·        Solidarity with Gaza

·        End the War on Terror

·        Build the G20 Demonstrations




Stewart Halforty Lewisham Stop the War convenor, recently returned from Gaza  http://www.theroadtogaza.org/


Kevin Ovenden from the Viva Palestina convoy, just returned from delivering a lifeline to Gaza


Souheir Turkmani from south London, also on the Viva Palestina convoy


Nearest stations Brockley, Crofton Park; buses 171, 172 (484 very near). See map below, but note that the embedded map gives the correct area but may put the arrow in the wrong place. If you click on "View larger map" it seems to be correct.


View Larger Map


Songs for Gaza, Wednesday 18 February


Fundraising Event for Palestine Overwhelmed by Support



Rajai Ayyad (oud), Fadi Rumman (orgue) and Dr Abdullah Abu Hilal (singer) receive applause from the audience


Some videos are now available. See the Videos Page.


"Songs for Gaza" was a fundraising event for Medical Aid for Palestinians which was held in the foyer of Lewisham Town Hall in Catford.


There was so much local support for the people of Palestine that much of the potential audience would have had to be turned away on health and safety grounds.


Thanks to the support of Lewisham's directly-elected Mayor, Sir Steve Bullock, who also introduced the event, the town hall staff pitched in to make sure that the event could be moved to the main Council Chamber before the main performances.


As well as the lively musical acts, which were greatly enjoyed by the audience, local members also put on a moving performance of Caryl Churchill's ten-minute play "Seven Jewish Children" with less than a day's preparation.


In the light of the situation in Gaza, about forty local people had been involved in an organising meeting on 20 January 2009.  One of the suggestions that came out of it was to try to contact the Palestinian musicians and organise a musical event.  To go from that suggestion to putting on such a successful event by 18 February is an amazing example of local teamwork and cooperation.


A total of £1175.34 was raised from ticket sales, raffle and bucket collection.  Funds and donations were also raised through stalls and refreshments.


The main musical acts were


The Camden Band from Abu Dis, Palestine

Featuring        Ahmed Eriquat (oud)

                        Rajai Ayyad (shebatech)

                        Dr Abdullah Abu Hilal (voice)

                        Fadi Rumman (orgue)


Velvet Fist

women's a cappella singing group Listen to Velvetfist


Organised by             Lewisham Stop the War Coalition

                                    Lewisham and Greenwich Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

                                    Sydenham and Forest Hill Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

                                    South East London Palestine Solidarity Campaign

                                    Britain-Palestine Twinning Network


Sound Equipment provided by the Lewisham Young Mayor's office.


Lewisham Centre Saturday 31 January


Following the Lewisham Centre's refusal to allow a collection on behalf of a charity working to alleviate humanitarian suffering in Palestine, despite allowing collections for similar charities working elsewhere, it was decided that Lewisham Stop the War, Lewisham and Greenwich CND and South East London PSC would hold a collection in the Centre, without permission, on behalf of behalf of the Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal for Gaza (please follow the link if you want to contribute).


About ten people went into the Lewisham Centre, with nothing other than leaflets promoting the DEC appeal and collection buckets; no banners or placards. We were asked to leave almost immediately. We explained to the staff, who were generally quite reasonable, that we had no choice in the light of the management's decision to bring politics into the issue of charity collections by specifically refusing a collection for a charity working in Palestine.


Unfortunately, the duty manager became threatening and abusive and we had no choice but to retire to the stall outside. Nevertheless, while we explained the situation, members of the public continued to donate, and we made a total of £186.22 for the DEC Gaza Appeal.


Pictures Below.



Collecting inside the Lewisham Centre



The stall outside


Lewisham Lloyds TSB Protest Saturday 31 January


Straight after the collection in the Lewisham Centre we went to Lloyds TSB to protest at the closure of Interpal's bank account. Interpal is a respected UK charity which helps alleviate the agony of Gaza. It has been thoroughly investigated by the Charities Commission and given the all-clear. For full details of the protest in Bristol that inspired our action, see the Bristol Protest Page.


Although the main purpose was to protest at the unethical decision by Lloyds, a bank which is now 43% owned by the taxpayer, we also had a collection bucket and made £31.28 for Interpal.


Pictures below.



Dolls were used to represent babies murdered in Gaza








Gaza Local Vigils 14 and 15 January 2009


The vigils in Greenwich and Lewisham were very successful; David Leal's excellent lanterns were very effective, as were the flags and banners. We got hoots of support from car drivers and a lot of interest from staff and students at the college in Greenwich, as well as free food from the sausage man in Lewisham. Some pictures below from Lewisham.










Naming the Dead: Thursday 20 November 2008


With over 300 British soldiers now killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the calls are getting stronger for the troops to be brought home. In line with events around the country, there was a naming the dead ceremony at the war memorial in Lewisham Way on Thursday 20 November.




Ex-serviceman Jim Radford give a moving speech referring to way that troops are having to risk their lives, not to protect this country, but to attack countries which have never threatened the UK. He mentioned how, far from it bringing freedom and democracy to Afghanistan, conditions are worse than before the occupation, including the treatment of women.



Ex-serviceman Jim Radford and ex-councillor Gurbash Garcha


Names of British servicemen were read out, along with the names of innocent Afghan people, including many elderly people and children, killed at wedding parties or indiscriminately by other bombings.


Activists' Meeting in Lewisham with Andrew Murray


Andrew Murray, national Chair of the Stop the War Coalition, came to our organising meeting on Tuesday 11 November at Ladywell Leisure Centre. This was a very successful meeting which discussed a number of ideas, the most urgent of which is the Naming the Dead Ceremony on 20 November.


We organised a coach to get the demonstration in Manchester on Saturday 20 September 2008.


See the Manchester demonstration page for pictures.


President George W Bush Visits Lewisham


President George W Bush visited Lewisham on Saturday 13 September 2008 and met several local people. They were pleased to hear that a lack of oil in the area means that they are unlikely to be bombed in the immediate future.


President Bush visits Lewisham 001

The president tries to recruit some local people for the military


Lewisham Stop the War Coalition provided security and used the visit to promote a message that we are sure the President would approve of.


President Bush visits Lewisham 006

The President in Lewisham High Street


President Bush visits Lewisham 005r


President Bush visits Lewisham 003

George W Bush has never been shy of talking to the camera, although he did not appear to know what he was saying or who he was talking to.


President Bush visits Lewisham 002

The President's security team struggle to keep him on course as he rushes to greet more potential recruits.



President George W Bush stops off for a drink at the Goldsmith's Tavern.


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