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The world has drifted into a state of perpetual war. One war follows another – Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan (which continues), Iraq (again), Libya, Syria, where next? – leaving behind societies in chaos and decades of suffering. The occupation of Palestine continues with no end in sight. Sadly our country plays a part in these wars.

Lewisham Peace, Justice and Solidarity is

holding an afternoon of talks and discussion about how people get on with whatever is left of their lives once the TV cameras have moved away.

Spend all afternoon with us, or come to hear just what you are interested in. There will be plenty of time for discussion within the meetings and over cups of tea.

living with war leaflet_Page_1.jpg

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living with war leaflet_Page_1.jpg

living with war leaflet_Page_1.jpg


Mary Dobbing has observed the results of 12 years of NATO/US war and occupation. The country is plagued by British drone strikes – 399 so far, according to Ministry of Defence (MoD) statistics. Mary has spoken to people who have lost family members through the war and has met Afghan peace activists.

Mary says: “Visiting Kabul reinforced for me the utter futility of military intervention in bringing peace, justice and unity to the Afghan people. Meeting the families of victims of the war showed the iniquity of Britain’s use of hi-tech weaponry delivered by remote-controlled drones and the official secrecy which surrounds it.”

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Leah Levane, a South East London Jewish woman, observed daily life under occupation as part of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme organised by the World Council of Churches.

She witnessed demolitions, checkpoints, and the ever-present Israeli soldiers. She also saw the Palestinian determination to remain, and the huge welcomes given to Israeli and international activists standing with them against the Occupation

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Sami Ramadani is an Iraqi who opposed Saddam Hussein’s regime, but also opposed the US-led sanctions and war of aggression on Iraq. Sami will talk about how a campaign for democracy was militarised and turned into a civil war. This war, funded by outside interests, is now tearing the country apart. He will draw comparisons with the destruction of society in Iraq, and highlight the possibility of an even worse outcome in Syria.

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