Demonstration in Manchester, Saturday 20 September 2008


Lewisham Stop the War organised a coach to go to Manchester during the Labour Party Conference.  This was useful for others who needed to be in Manchester that day.  In particular, we were able to take Mrs Amina Masood, whose husband is one of many abducted by the Pakistani authorities in the name of the War on Terror, to Manchester to meet a number of people, including Tony Benn, to promote her campaign for the Missing Persons of Pakistan. 


Here is a link to the Amnesty International report on the campaign.


Please email michael@lewishamstopwar.org.uk if you have any reports or pictures of anything that you went to Manchester for on the day, not just the STW demo.


The Lewisham banner on the STW march


Tony Benn speaking at the STW rally


Defend Council Housing demonstration on the same day

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